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Cosmic Anomalies and Abominations
Kethoncauramaias is a celestial crustacean that vaguely reesembles a cross between a pillbug and a crab, but its outward appearance gravitates towards something far more forboding. To say the least, it is of astronomical volume. To the few souls who have beheld this monstrosity from afar, it appears as a shadowy, distorted shape of pitch blackness upon the starscape of distant nebulae. Any closer observation reveals that it is in fact, a space crab - its every crevice caked with the sparkling ashes of deceased divinities and the black dust of supernovas from aeons past. From its primordial shell alone these myriad soil-filled cracks alone sprout plants and fungi from innumerable worlds that have fought and contested with alien life-forms to eventually form a functioning ecosystem after countless biological catastrophes. Every poor soul who has returned from observing it babbles of a different description - in some accounts, the shell is said to be ivory-coloured, and the thing possesse
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The City of Omear
At the gaping mouth of the blazing river Vig, where streaming torrents of liquid flame - not lava - rolled into the surging Gulf of Qodakka in an ascending pillar of searing vapour plummeting towards the skies - was built a wondrous and ostentatious city with every building plated with a most peculiar variety of gold that glowed in the same manner as smouldering ember. Long since has the gold been removed by the many barbaric nations that attempted to claim the city. It was once situated by a valley fertile in both soil and metals, but the city was abandoned once its surrounding region eventually diminished in humidity and became a desert. The hills became dunes and the many lakes in the locale dried up into broad silt flats.
As of the Age of Modernity, the Athylgonian Archaeologist's Association has claimed the city of Omear. It has been concluded that the metal that once plated every building is actually an alloy consisting of gold and another metal unknown to Athylgon, or the sages
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Thabni Plankman by StrangeStickmanStuff Thabni Plankman :iconstrangestickmanstuff:StrangeStickmanStuff 2 0 Insect fella by StrangeStickmanStuff Insect fella :iconstrangestickmanstuff:StrangeStickmanStuff 1 0 Mutants of Nidre-yug by StrangeStickmanStuff Mutants of Nidre-yug :iconstrangestickmanstuff:StrangeStickmanStuff 1 0 i was bored, ok? by StrangeStickmanStuff i was bored, ok? :iconstrangestickmanstuff:StrangeStickmanStuff 2 0 Anudda Katguhl by StrangeStickmanStuff Anudda Katguhl :iconstrangestickmanstuff:StrangeStickmanStuff 1 0 An (idealized) female Pmaroushean Shoon by StrangeStickmanStuff An (idealized) female Pmaroushean Shoon :iconstrangestickmanstuff:StrangeStickmanStuff 0 0
The Jungle of Shorlasser
This dense and humid jungle is home to all manner of reptilian and mammalian creatures, and it is reputed for it's abundance of long-forgotten Jenai technology lying amidst the thick vegetation. It is located in the southern frontiers of Aathraq, where there are many stones that drift in the air known as Aeroliths. The Aeroliths of Shorlasser drift some 5 meters above the canopy, whilst entire flying islands with their own unique fauna drift more than 15 meters above the canopy, and the larger ones occasionally brush the trees with their rocky bottoms, causing substantial damage to trees.
Most frontiersmen and herbalists who enter Shorlasser come to collect Glebbiort, a root plant that can be ground into powder and mixed with fir sap to create a useful paste called Pedge, which is used to cure boils, especially those that afflict snoods of any colour or breed. There is also Stulg, whose leaves can be shredded and boiled to make a tea called Spuler, which causes wounds to clot and close
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The Obbikwun River
In the stormy and steep valley of Lerpaduist where hailstones the size of basketballs crater the snow, there lies a most curious anomaly. Some handful of centuries ago, the sages of Galimore speculate, that colossal turtle-like monster wrought of steel that has never rusted despite constant exposure to battering snow and rushing wind descended upon Tqqrenvlon where it died of exanguination and cold.
In truth, it is actually an alien spacecraft that was intended to deliver a cargo of fuel - which now drips into the river that runs through the vale, tinting it an ominous bright yellow. Every tributary is polluted by this effulgic slime. It is because of this that the bubbling river constantly belches a terrible miasma that makes anything surrounding it uninhabitable except by the extra-planetary vermin that survived the crash - a few of which have found Tqqrenvlon a more than ideal place for them; mutating not only in size, but in numbers and most terrifyingly - intelligence.
Around the
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The Skerries of the Whistle-men
Off the coast of Khimurc, floating amidst the fearsome shallows of the long strait Bralenc are an archipelago of flat rocky isles known by no other names than The Skerries of the Whistle-men. When vessels draw near to these islands, a chilling cacophony of high and low pitched tunes strike fear into the hearts of sailors. Advancing any closer will land yourself on the gravel coast of these flat islands.
They are almost lifeless and desolate, save for the molds, mosses and lichens. Advancing past the coast will reveal a flat gray expanse where the Whistle-men lurk. They are a hideous sight, appearing as lanky, emaciated humanoids with distorted faces and skin the colour of boot polish. Their emaciation is perhaps because they subsist solely on the moss and lichen, and fertilize them with their own spittle. As you would expect, they are puny and feeble. Otan the Younger was apalled by their apparent starvation, and offered them some of his fruit and cheese rations, which they refused.
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The Pineapple God by StrangeStickmanStuff The Pineapple God :iconstrangestickmanstuff:StrangeStickmanStuff 2 2 K'bouren by StrangeStickmanStuff K'bouren :iconstrangestickmanstuff:StrangeStickmanStuff 2 0
The Gawthip plains
At the northern corner of the Democracy of Sideb lies the arid Gawthip plains. Most of it is composed of a broad dried-up river and its former tributaries. A narrow stretch of flat land lies a low, flat expanse of hard-baked sandy soil where only the most hardy of men and beasts survive.
The local shrubs have roots so strong and so deep they can plant themselves within metal and consume the entire bloody thing. Reptilian beasts like Kaurodayrs and Yurdthigs skulk the wasteland to use their shovel-horns and their drill-tusks to hunt for brass-shelled armadillos. The former savage men of the river have died unburied, and are now haunting the riverbeds for vengeance. Bridges carved with magical wards and prayers are built to allow safe passage. Travellers are strongly urged to use them instead of crossing the gullies.
An artificer belonging to the ancient and wicked race that formerly occupied this land when it was a wild wetland teeming with insects - the Vurm - thought it would just be
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The Land of Shenem
Directly to the east of the Deocracy of Mirinthal are the semi-arid lands of Shenem. Home to shallow, winding gorges, deep and shadowy canyons, stands of baobab trees and endless grassy expanses of shrubland. Its western border is rimmed off by a  range of snowy mountains so long it stretches across most of Ardion known by many names, but by the folk of Shenem, they are called Yudune, where the puritanical dwarves of Usesh Vut, who are of Rhegeym breed. To the west of the snowy ridges of Yudune lie the Slightly-trodden lands.
Though a decent portion of Shenem consists of desert, there are many springs emerging from rocky outcrops that form oasises around them. The shrublands are all streaked with long and straight rivers surging down from the alpine glaciers up in the hoary heights of Yudune, haunted by yetis. Some gelid and steep mountain valleys with lakes in the centre are home to secluded communities inhabited by rare and strange species found in no other land except said vall
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The Free and Independent Township of Dobarri
Dobarri encompasses the entire stretch of the Vurgendoer River and it's surrounding vicinities, especially the plains around it and the forested foothills that feed it. Its municipal domain stretches over the entire watershed and beyond, including the hill outposts built of gabbro and mortar with encampments of soldiers rotating from the city constantly on the lookout for whatever might storm down from the lightly forested slopes, ready to light their message tower if any hostiles are sighted.
On the northern side is a tangled thicket of red-needled coniferous trees, most commonly pine trees that decorate the gentle slopes. There are many hunting and logging lodges that dot the forest that are occupied by frontiersmen and woodcutters in spring and autumn. In winter and summer, the druidic tribes that haunt the forest and the hills occasionally seek shelter in these humble timber lodges, so it is wise to never leave a single thing behind when departing at the first sight of snow or summ
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Gauss Dominion Vehicles Masterpost by JadeGreen17 Gauss Dominion Vehicles Masterpost :iconjadegreen17:JadeGreen17 4 0 Fae Anatomy: Thunderbird by skellington1 Fae Anatomy: Thunderbird :iconskellington1:skellington1 11 0 cartoony map 3 by prokyonidae cartoony map 3 :iconprokyonidae:prokyonidae 1 0 no pictures by SomeDoodNamedJack no pictures :iconsomedoodnamedjack:SomeDoodNamedJack 83 4 how to make the trash gang kinda scary by klunsgod how to make the trash gang kinda scary :iconklunsgod:klunsgod 4 1 The Shadowfell Underdark by Zal001 The Shadowfell Underdark :iconzal001:Zal001 4 0 New Phandalyn by Zal001 New Phandalyn :iconzal001:Zal001 4 0 Magical Forest -  Lighting Study 02 by Ellixus Magical Forest - Lighting Study 02 :iconellixus:Ellixus 90 3 Carol Ref 2018 by Super-Flint Carol Ref 2018 :iconsuper-flint:Super-Flint 18 0 644 - Autuum Rain by CharakyARPG 644 - Autuum Rain :iconcharakyarpg:CharakyARPG 124 8 World map - Oikoumene by waronmars World map - Oikoumene :iconwaronmars:waronmars 1 0 Kavian Mole Machine by Scarecrovv Kavian Mole Machine :iconscarecrovv:Scarecrovv 9 1 Pathfinder 01 by Scarecrovv Pathfinder 01 :iconscarecrovv:Scarecrovv 6 3 Monster Hunters by Scarecrovv Monster Hunters :iconscarecrovv:Scarecrovv 9 1 Fringe2 by Scarecrovv Fringe2 :iconscarecrovv:Scarecrovv 10 0 Fringe Cover by Scarecrovv Fringe Cover :iconscarecrovv:Scarecrovv 6 0


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Gideon Chan
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I used to be :iconshred1337:.

My name is Gideon Chan, and i'm from New Zealand. I like to draw stickmen and write stories about them.

I mostly write.

I do art trades.

You can use my artwork with permission, just give me credit with a simple mention, so i know where it's being used.


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